Holiday Programs


1. Character Development through Literacy


Week 1 (Nov 20 to Nov 24) : Picture talk – Respectful Vs Disrespectful Behaviour

Respect means you treat people in a way that shows you care about their feelings and well-being. Children learn about the concept of respect through pictures from story books with good moral lessons. They recreate the story from memory by putting the pictures in sequence. Characters such as the big bad wolf in Three Little pigs, the wicked giant in Jack and the Beanstalk and even Goldilocks who just walks into someone’s house and uses their things all symbolize disrespectful behaviour.

Literacy objectives

  • Sequencing (being able to tell a story in order)


  • Picture booklet

Week 2 (Nov 27 to Dec 1) : Role Play ‘Lying can hurt you’ – Honesty Vs Dishonesty

Consequences of being dishonest will be taught through role play of the story ‘The Boy who Cried Wolf’. Focus will be on the characters’ facial expressions and body language.

Literacy objectives

  • Vocabulary and Communication

Field Trip

  • 1 Dec

Week 3 (Dec 4 to Dec 8) : Interactive Games – Empathy Vs Apathy

Empathy means putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and trying to understand how they feel.  Children learn to recognize the messages from different types of  body language, facial expressions and tones of voice, and respond to them appropriately when they know what they each mean. Interactive games using emotion cards and then forming short phrases with them e.g. I am sad, I am lonely, I am scared, I am upset.

Literacy objectives

  • Syllabication Craft
  • Emotions craft

Week 4 (Dec 11 to Dec 15) : Show and Tell – Responsibility and Self-control

A responsibility is something you are supposed to do. It can be a task or it can be a way of behaving, like raising your hand and waiting your turn to speak. Self–control means you are aware of how you are behaving / what you are doing, and you change your actions to fit what you know is the right way to behave.

Literacy objectives

  • Making sentences with “If you……”

Field Trip

  • 15 Dec

Week 5 (Dec 18 to Dec 22) : Music and Movement – Beauty in Diversity

Children learn about cultural diversity through the story ‘A color of His Own’ how everyone is unique and like the chameleon who changes colours to fit into the environment, we too just need to be flexible and not let anything bother us. Emphasis will be on accepting others for who they are and not what they look like.

Literacy objectives

  • Rhyming words through songs & games


  • Chameleon Craft

2. What makes things move?


Week 1 (Nov 20 to 24)

Push and Pull

A force is a push and pull that acts on an object. Through inquiry and investigation children will find out how their toys move. Some forces (push and pull) act through contact, others act from distance without touching the object.

Effects of a Force

What happens to the speed of an object when you push it harder or with more force? What happens when you push objects of different shape and size with the same force? How does an incline plane affect the motion of an object? Children will test the Montessori 3-D shapes and the effect of their movement on different planes to find answers.

Week 2 (Nov 27 to Dec 1)

Frictional Force

Friction is a force that opposes motion. Is friction good in our daily lives? We will discuss how our shoes and tires are designed to prevent us from slipping. We will carry out an experiment to test if a ramp with different surface has any effect on the speed of a toy car. What are the disadvantages of friction? How can we overcome friction?

Forces at Work

Forces can be useful but they can be harmful as well. We will discuss about some of the useful and harmful forces around us?


  • Pinwheel

Field Trip

  • 1 Dec

Week 3 (Dec 4 to Dec 8)

Magnetic Force

Magnetic force is caused by the pushing or pulling action of a magnet. First, we will learn the story of the “Magical Stone.” Then we will find out the characteristics of a magnet through observation and a poem. We will find out which materials are attracted by the magnet. Children will first make prediction and then carry out their experiment. We will discuss the different ways magnets help us in our daily lives.


  • Dragonfly

Week 4 (Dec 11 to 15)

Spring / Elastic and Winding Force

A spring is an object that is elastic. It returns to its original shape after it is stretched or compressed. Where do we find them?

Field Trip

  • 15 DEC


  • Catapult

Week 5 (Dec 18 to 22)

Gravitational Force

Gravity is the force of attraction on objects. The strength of gravity on objects depends on the mass of the objects and the distance between them and the Earth.

Gravity is the force of attraction on objects. The strength of gravity on objects depends on the mass of the objects and the distance between them and the Earth.


  • Marble Maze


Morning Session 9.30 – 12.30pm

  • English Theme Talks, Art & Craft, Show & Tell, Montessori lessons (Sensorial & Practical Life), Mandarin and Japanese lessons

12.30pm- 1.30pm

  • Lunch Break

Afternoon Enrichment 1.30pm-3.00pm

  • Monday – English Drama
  • Tuesday – Creative Writing / Phonics
  • Wednesday – Conversation Mandarin
  • Thursday – Math
  • Friday – Phonics

The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.




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