About Us


  • Teacher Shilpi

    is our Kindergarten Montessori Teacher. She has a Master’s degree in Mathematics, a Bachelor’s degree in Education and an International diploma in Montessori Method of Teaching. Teaching children has always been her passion. Having spent 10 years in teaching and more than 5 years to obtain teaching qualifications, she puts in great effort to guide, nurture and inspire the next generation. She believes that students learn better when they are able to see the connection between what they are learning in the classroom and what they see/do in their real lives.

    Teacher Jhuma

    is our Kindergarten Montessori teacher.  She has a Masters in Geography from the University of South Carolina, a Diploma in Montessori from MMI London and a Specialist Diploma in Learning differences from DAS (Dyslexia Association of Singapore).  She has more than 18 years of teaching experience in International, Montessori and PYP schools and has taught in India, U.S, Venezuela, Japan and now in Singapore for 4 years. She believes that the key to become a successful teacher is to understand the students and to develop a good relationship as learning is also about understanding relationships and connections.

    Teacher Pam

    is our playgroup Montessori Teacher. She has a Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) degree from Monash University, Melbourne.  She taught in a kindergarten school in Vancouver, Canada for 4 years before moving to Singapore. She is a fun-loving, friendly teacher whom the children adore. To her, children are like little angels and it takes a caring and loving teacher to nurture them into a good lovable adults. Teaching children has always been her passion.

    Teacher Cynthia

    is our Nursery and Play Group Montessori teacher.  She completed a Diploma in the Theory and Practice of the Montessori Method of Education from MMI London with a distinction.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and a Diploma in Information Technology from APTEC.  Additionally, she also holds a Certificate of Professional Practice in Phonics accredited by London Teacher Training College, UK.  She passed the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) from British Council, Singapore with 7.5 certification.  To her, Montessori in a single word personifies ‘Respect’.  She thinks that the best way to create a culture of respect among children is to model it. She is compassionate and caring and puts in her most sincere effort in imparting quality education.

    Teacher Naomi

    is our native Japanese teacher for the Kindergarten levels. While living in Denmark prior to moving to Singapore, she realized the need to add value to the teaching methodology of the Japanese language.  This passion drove her to complete a Japanese language teaching program.  Her goal is to help children discover the joy of learning the language through songs, props, dancing and reading picture books, before slowly moving to conversational and written Japanese. She gives her best effort to make classes fun and interactive and hopes that through her innovative teaching style she is able to showcase Japan’s unique culture and traditions.

    Teacher Futase

    is our native Japanese teacher for the Playgroup and Nursery levels.  Originally a student of fashion and textile design, she completed a training program for teaching Japanese using rhymes, songs, art and craft.  She considers freedom, motivation, and will power important for learning in children. She is a proponent of imagination and creativity in education and utilizes her skills in fashion design to teach children in the most artistic way possible. Her  artistic style allows children to feel and enjoy the Japanese character and sound in a fun, friendly and imaginative way.  Each day she aims at making lessons more enjoyable for the children.

    Teacher Maggie

    is our native Nursery and Playgroup Chinese Teacher.  She holds a diploma in Art and has several years of teaching experience. She uses songs, music and movement, poems and story-telling to help her students memorize Mandarin vocabulary easily.  Her teaching paradigm is to inspire children from all nationalities to fall in love with the language by stimulating their interests.   She strongly believes that learning Mandarin should always be a very joyful experience and puts in her best to make their learning experiences unforgettable, fun and exciting.

    Teacher Zhou

    is our native Kindergarten Chinese teacher. She has a diploma in Early Childhood Education (Chinese) and HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test ) level 6 certification. Throughout her 7 years of teaching career, she has developed and applied various teaching methodologies to help children with diverse learning abilities and styles. Her passion and caring nature bring on smiles to children as they embark on the journey of learning Mandarin.

    Teacher Amelia

    is our Brain Training teacher. She has a diploma in Psychology Studies. She is passionate in nurturing the learning abilities in children, as she believes gaining knowledge will be easier and more enjoyable for a child when his or her mind is ready to absorb it.  She uses the ‘Whole Brain Training’ approach designed toward maximizing student engagement and uses strategies that focus on the way the brain is really designed to learn.

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