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What Makes A Montessori School?

Authentic Montessori schools do not practice partial Montessori. Some Montessori schools claim that they are Montessori but they do not practice mixed age grouping and 3 hr work cycle. A lot of parents in Singapore are uncomfortable with mixed age grouping hence a lot of Montessori schools still group their children as Nursery, K1 and K2. The 3 hour work cycle is necessary because children take time to settle down, to start choosing materials and working

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Understanding The Montessori Phonics And Reading Approach

This article describes the learning approach of Montessori level of teaching and how its learning principles complement the modern methods of teaching through reading via the phonics technique. Many pre-schools and kindergartens bear the name Montessori in their description. In actual fact Montessori refers to a mode of education and learning which was developed by Maria Montessori in the year 1897. This learning approach focuses on each child’s independence and within reasonable limits, an acceptable degree…

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Taking Your Child To A Day Care Centre

When it comes time to take your child to the day care centre it can be a challenging and difficult decision unless you have already taken the time to do the research and found one that satisfies all of your expectations and requirements. This involves visiting all the options that are on your list and meeting with the directors and the staff. There are several characteristics that you may want to look for to ensure safety, learning and security. There…

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Make Sure Your Children Are Well Cared For

There are a number of parents that have to work every day and cannot stay home with their children. Many children go to some type of childcare facility or preschool every day while their parents are working. Knowing their child is safe and well cared for while they are at work gives many parents great peace of mind. There are a number of reputable facilities that offer childcare services in Singapore. Choosing a childcare facility is a major decision and…

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Find A Reliable Care For Your Child

Choosing a childcare facility is one of the most important decisions a parent has to make. Trusting the welfare of your child to someone else is never an easy thing to do and there are a number of things to consider before you decide on a facility. Many parents will visit a number of facilities before they decide on a childcare centre in Singapore to send their children to. The type of services that a facility offers is very important…

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