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Tutoring vs Cognitive Training – The Difference

Tutoring is often content based and repetitive. It is effective when the child has already developed their ability to learn, but just needs more practice to achieve better academics. It focuses on specific academic tasks, and simply ignores the condition of a student’s underlying mental skills. In fact, success in general academics or special tutoring is completely dependent on the child’s underlying ability to learn.

For those who struggle or fail, it is not necessarily his or her study habits or missing academic knowledge that is the problem. Underlying cognitive weakness is often the cause of the difficulty. Until the underlying skills that provide the basic ability to learn are strengthened, tutoring help can only produce temporary progress at best. Struggles WILL re-emerge at the very next new challenge, and the next, and the next, until the challenges grow too difficult even with tutoring help, or the student simply gets frustrated and gives up.​ If this is your child, he or she is at risk of being identified as a failure by these repeated struggles. You risk paying for tutoring each and every year with absolutely no guarantee of future success.

On the other hand, Cognitive or Mental Skills Training is ability based and transferable. It aims to address the root causes of learning difficulties common to young children, and helps to identify how your child learns best. It provides us with the chance to get to the root of the problem and literally rebuild his or her basic ability to read and learn. A struggling student, or one seeking to optimize academic performance, must consider training the mental skills that are the foundation to learning.

We help your child with

  • Word recognition and reading readiness
  • Details memorization
  • Classifications ability
  • Visual closure ability
  • Visual, auditory and sequencing memory
  • Understanding concepts
  • Logical thinking abilities
  • Visual motor spatial abilities
  • System of mathematics value abilities

​These skills are fundamental in learning languages, math and science. With improved learning abilities, your child will be able to better understand content taught in school and by extension, perform better academically. As the ability to learn is fundamental in various social and work settings, sharpening your child’s abilities early can set him or her ready for life.

Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society.




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