Creative Writing

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Creative Writing

Children have an inherent need to express their thoughts and ideas in words. Stories and nursery rhymes very often draw them to a world of imagination. There is no better way to help them to express their ideas in writing in the most imaginative way possible other than through creative writing. It challenges them to problem solve, building their self-confidence over time.

Studies show that children who practice creative writing are generally better in other subjects too like math, science and languages. Creative writing has many other benefits:

  • induces imagination and creativity
  • provides opportunities for self-expression
  • boosts self-confidence
  • enhances communication and persuasion skills
  • fosters discipline needed to succeed in all areas of life.

A well-written piece of story involves a lot of thought, planning, organization and use of precise language to get a point across. Reading a book about a particular subject and discussing the important parts of the story is one way of brainstorming ideas for a character, setting and a plot that is critical to the making of a good story. Children also learn to formulate ideas and plan their sentences through the use of a storyboard and picture or word prompts.

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  • Every Thursday 1.30 to 3pm

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