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Set 2 Books


[Level 2]
Set 2 contains
– Observe & Relate 2
– More Visual Perception
– More Concentration Training
– More About The World Around Me

See the video of how to use the controller with the books. If in doubt, do chat with us and we can guide you through.

These books teach the following concepts and improve children’s information processing speed.
– visual perception
– concentration
– increase memory retention
– matching skills
– observation skills
– sequencing skills
– associative skills
– logical thinking
– spatial awareness
– problem solving skills

It is used along with a controller that serves as an error control, children can know if their answers are correct by comparing the pattern they obtained with the pattern at the top-right corner of each activity.

These books are suitable to be used in the classroom for brain training as well as at home.
In a school setting, with 4 controllers and 1 set of books, 4 students can work simultaneously each with 1 book and 1 controller. In a home setting, parents can purchase extra controllers to allow siblings to work simultaneously.

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