Montessori Holiday Programme Schedule

Week 1 (Jun 3 ~ Jun 7): The Great Oceans


1. What is an Ocean? 


2. Name of 5 great oceans using the Montessori Ocean Map 


3. Land and Water Forms include Bay, Peninsula, Island, Archipelago, Cape and Lake

pic2           pic3

Week 2 (Jun 10 ~ Jun 14): Ocean Ecosystem


1. Ocean Plants – kelp, algae, seagrass
2. Ocean Invertebrates – corals, starfish, jellyfish, sponges, crabs, snails, clams, octopus, sea slugs etc.
3. Ocean Food Chain
4. Ocean Ecosystems – saltwater bays, seas and inlets, the shorelines and salt marshes.
5. The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia is world’s largest coral reef.  


Field Trip (Jun 14) – SEA Aquarium

Week 3 (Jun 17 ~ Jun 21): Sea Creatures


1. Ocean Vertebrates – sea horses, sea lions, seals, eel, whales, sharks, fish.
2. Classification of Ocean and sea animals (mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians) and their characteristics.
3. Identification of common types of fish such as clown fish, dory fish and the differences between fresh and sea water fish.
4. Human activities can have a huge impact on oceans e.g. oil spills, garbage disposal into oceans and over fishing.
5. Steps we can take to protect our oceans.



Morning Session
9.30 – 12.30pm
Circle Time and English Theme Talks
Art & Craft
Show & Tell
Montessori lessons – Sensorial & Practical Life
Mandarin and Japanese lessons
12.30pm- 1.30pm Lunch Break
Afternoon Enrichment
Monday – Fine Arts (Drawing)
Tuesday – English Drama
Wednesday – Conversation Mandarin
Thursday – Phonics or Creative Writing
Friday –  Chinese Drama or Math