Montessori Holiday Programme Schedule

Week 1 (Nov 19 ~ Nov 23): Respect for our home and school
  • Respect of self
  • Respect for others (eg parents, teachers & friends)
  • Respect for authority
  • Respect for other’s homes and property
    • What should we do if we find someone’s belongings?
    • How do we show respect for other’s things when we borrow them?
  • Keeping our home and school clean
Week 2 (Nov 26 ~ Nov 30): Respect for public places / land
  • Respect for public places (eg parks, museums and libraries)
  • Respect for plants and forests
  • Reuse : reuse of used paper
  • Recycle : recycle paper & plastics by throwing them in the correct bins
  • Problem: Some grounds have become “big garbage dumps”

Field Trip (Nov 30) – Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

Week 3 (Dec 3~Dec 7): Respect for our oceans, water & sea creatures
  • Why are sea creatures important?
  • Our activities can affect them – oil spills, throwing of garbage into oceans, over-fishing
  • Problem: sea creatures are dying because of poisoning and presence of plastics
  • Problem: water shortage and conservation in Singapore
Week 4 (Dec 10~Dec 14): Respect for the air we breathe
  • Polluting the air by smoking, smoke from the factories & cars
  • Polluting the air by burning the trees for farming
  • Problem: haze in Singapore, acid rain

Field Trip (Dec 14) – Marina Barrage

Week 5 (Dec 17~Dec 20): Importance of the 4Rs
  • 4Rs: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle



Morning Session
9.30 – 12.30pm
Circle Time and English Theme Talks
Art & Craft
Show & Tell
Montessori lessons – Sensorial & Practical Life
Mandarin and Japanese lessons
12.30pm- 1.30pm Lunch Break
Afternoon Enrichment
Monday – Fine Arts (Drawing)
Tuesday – English Drama
Wednesday – Science
Thursday – Phonics or Creative Writing
Friday –  Chinese Drama or Math