Nov/Dec Holiday Program
Theme: Art, Science and Food
Age Group:  3.5 – 7 years old

Brainy Child Montessori has been well known for our fantastic and engaging holiday programmes, and this holiday we are not settling for anything lesser!

This programme is suitable for children aged 3.5 to 7 years old. This time we will learn how Art is related to Science and how Food is related to Science. The children will also learn about the different materials and techniques to make Art.

The children will get to work on fun and exciting hands-on activities all things related to art, science and food. You’ll be awed by the knowledge your child shares with you.

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to allow your child to spend the holidays productively with us! We bet your child will enjoy and benefit from this holiday programme!

Learning Objectives
* Learn how Art is related to Science
* Learn how Food is related to Science
* Learn about Science concepts – Air, Magnets, Water, Rainbow, Sound
* Explore the different materials and techniques to make Art

Week 1 – Nov 20 to Nov 24 : Air
– Learn the properties of Air (eg Air can be compressed)
– Learn about Hot Air and Cold Air
– Learn about Air Pressure

Art: Hot Air Balloon
Art: Bubble Painting

Experiment: Magic Egg Trick
Experiment: Burning Candle

Food: Fizzy drinks that contains air
Food that cause gas and bloating
Food craft: Grape caterpillar (younger children)
Make meringue cookies using the whipping method (older children)

Week 2 – Nov 27 to Dec 1  : Magnets
– Learn the properties of Magnets (eg Like poles repel, unlike poles attract)

Art: Fridge Critter
Art: Sea Aquarium

Experiment: Magic Magnets
Experiment: Magnet Boats

Field Trip (Dec 1): Science Centre

Week 3 – Dec 4 to Dec 8 : Water
– Learn the properties of Water (eg Water takes the shape of the container)

Art: Rainbow Paper
Art: Spider Web using water colors and wax

Experiment: Float and Sink
Experiment: Water absorption by different materials

Food: Making and tasting different beverages
Food: Spring onion flowers

Week 4 – Dec 11 to Dec 15: Rainbow
– Learn the 7 colours of the rainbow
– Learn how rainbow is formed

Art: Rainbow 3D card

Experiment: Making rainbow using coffee filters
Experiment: Sugar water rainbow

Food craft: Making a rainbow sandwich

Field trip (Dec 15): Gardens by the Bay

Week 5 – Dec 18 to Dec 20: Sound
– Learn about sound absorption and reflection

Art: Making a Wind Chime

Experiment: How sound is made?
Experiment: Explore different musical instruments


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