Montessori Programme

Montessori Programmes

We are a full Montessori school offering lessons from 18 mths onwards to 6 years old.  Apart from weekday we also provide weekend classes.  For as young as 18 mths children will start off with a parent-accompanied Mom and Tot programme to prepare them for the unaccompanied weekday Playgroup programme.  Our Workgroup programme caters for children in the nursery and kindergarten levels.  For children who are not able to attend our weekday Montessori classes, we also offer weekend classes for Montessori Phonics and Math.

Our motto is to ‘follow the child’.   In Montessori terms, this means that we recognize that no two children learn at the same pace.  Every child has different interests and we respect it.  It is our job as teachers to nurture the growth and development of the child by following the child’s interest and pace of learning.

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