Brain Training Programme

Brain Training Programme

Research has found that 80% of all learning struggles are due to weak cognitive skills. If such skills are not strengthened, learning will continue to be a struggle. Brainy Child’s Cognitive Training Program is a key to understanding the way your child learns and improve their learning capabilities. We utilize a system based on psychological theory that has been researched about for over 50 years in the United States. In the initial diagnosis, the child will be assessed on 90 learning abilities and a learning profile will be generated. Using this learning profile, personalised training material that target different abilities will be produced. A trained practitioner will work with your child in those mental exercises to accelerate learning abilities.

Brainy Child’s unique Cognitive Training Program teaches beyond just IQ.  Through this program, our students will be able to sharpen their cognitive skills and use them throughout their life so that they can achieve lifelong success.

US based program over 50 years

Personalised training modules

80 hours program

Works on 90 learning abilities