Taking Your Child to a Day Care Centre

IMG_0268When it comes time to take your child to the day care centre it can be a challenging and difficult decision unless you have already taken the time to do the research and found one that satisfies all of your expectations and requirements. This involves visiting all the options that are on your list and meeting with the directors and the staff. There are several characteristics that you may want to look for to ensure safety, learning and security. There should always be a system in place that guarantees that only designated individuals are able to pick up your child even in the case of emergencies. 

During your tour you should carefully look at the rooms to see if they are spacious and kid-friendly. They need to have all the playground equipment that is expected in a day care centre. Most facilities will let you meet the teachers and watch them interact with the kids to see if they would work with your child’s personality. They will also let you ask questions about their curriculum and teaching style. The education program can encompass a broad range from hands-on and relaxed environments to structured programs that are organized for the entire day.  Safety is always a top concern for parents whether they are at home or out in public so you need to find out what their policies are for preventing accidents, who is trained and certified in emergency medical practices and how parents are contacted. 

Look for a child care centre in Singapore offering half as well as full day programs so that there are options for everyone. It is an important decision that should be made with care and confidence. Decide on a centre that has responsible staff capable of handling children from 18 months old to kindergarten age.