Enjoy reading what some of our parents say…

The teachers and staff genuinely care about the children and the lessons are well developed/planned.  The field trips are fun and the school keeps the days interesting and engaging for the children.  There’s always something new.  The teachers have great qualifications and engaged with my child directly and regularly due to the small class size.

My child attended Brainy for 4 years and he is able to read at the 10 year old level (he’s 6 years old) and is able to do addition and some subtraction.  He enjoys learning and looked forward to going to school every day.  He loved his teachers and would come home talking about the interesting activities and lessons he had that day.

We tried going to an international school nearby and was greatly disappointed.  Brainy is much better in that the class sizes are small and the teachers genuinely care about the children.  For young children it is very important that they enjoy learning and feel safe and welcome at school.  Brainy delivers on its promise and really helped prepare my child for primary 1.

Dear Teachers,

Thank you for teaching Asa a lot of things.  When she entered this school, she couldn’t understand English.  But now she can sing English songs and communicate with teachers and friends.  She loves this school and all teachers.  This makes me happier than anything.  Once again thank you so much !!!

This school always has parents’ interest at heart. Their priority is children’s growth and providing a suitable teacher and lesson for each child. My 3 children have grown and developed well from their weekly English Class because of the teacher they have provided. The teacher gives good program to learn that is very practical. Hence children have no stress and enjoy the class. My request to the school was to brush up their spoken English and Karin has passed EIKEN 2nd grade (English Certificate Examination) when she was grade 5 in the primary school. I really think she couldn’t pass it without those lessons. My family has to move back to Japan due to new assignments in the company, but if we can still be in Singapore we will definitely continue learning English in Brainy Child.

Thank you Monica and Teachers, my family has not forgotten the precious time with you.


前田真吾 (悠世、樺凛、藍凛の父)

Mrs. Mehrotra narrates her daughter’s first experience with Creative Writing at her new school :

I just wanted to share with you about a fantastic piece of writing Arya did on Thursday.  We were inquiring into how to write a good beginning for her recount.  To help with that, teacher’s had performed a small skit to enact how to choose ‘just right’ books.  Students are now learning to use that as a model for writing a recount.  After showing the process of it, students were asked to write their own beginning.

Arya’s writing was absolutely amazing.  The vocabulary she used had clearly shown her voice and understanding.  She was chosen to be on the author’s chair to share her writing,  She was very excited and proud, as was I.

Thank you Monica, feeling so good, thank you for building Arya’s base !!

Kate went through 60 hours of brain training catered for her needs so far, has learnt to pay more attention to details and able to think a few more steps further. This has helped her in her primary school studies which requires careful detail reading and understanding of the passage or topic in order to answer them. I would like to thank Teacher Amelia for her patience and guidance and always keeping the class fun!

Dear Teachers, Thank you for everything you have done for Ikuma.  Thanks to your guidance Ikuma has shown remarkable development.  We are so happy to meet such a wonderful school.  Ikuma loves you.

While it was a short time, thank you very much for all the help you have given to my daughter.  At first, she was crying a lot but thanks to the teachers, now she can go to school without crying.  Thanks to Brainy Child she is very interested in English and has started singing English songs, counting numbers in English and talking about teachers at home.  We think that for Yuika, the experience here was as big as she would never forget.  We are grateful that we could meet our wonderful teachers and have a great time.

My daughters Chloe (4) & Lauren (3) have both been lucky enough to be in Teacher Pam’s class at Brainy Child Montessori. Pam has been a warm and positive presence in their lives for the past 2 years and they both settled with her easily.  She takes time to nurture their personalities and find their strengths which has been a great help for them to develop confidence.  Having Pam as their first teacher has created a wonderful foundation for their learning and we are very grateful to her.

We are very appreciative of the flexibility of Brainy Child in relation to our daughters learning.  Brainy Child treats our children as individuals and we have been able to adjust their timetables and subjects accordingly.  This has been instrumental in building their confidence.  The staff are all very caring and we have found Monica to be consistently supportive and available to discuss any concerns.

We have found the teachers to be very approachable and honest in relation the education and well-being of our daughters.  We appreciate the level of feedback we receive and the effort they put in when planning the term material to ensure the children are challenged without being overwhelmed.

Our daughters have become a lot more confident and are more interested in learning since attending Brainy Child.  The emphasis on phonics has helped with their speech, writing and reading and we are sure they have been given a great start.

Brainy Child Montessori is a small Montessori which means that more individual and direct learning can take place.  Our children have been allowed to develop at their own pace with gentle encouragement in accordance with our views.

We love teacher Pam, the Mandarin and Japanese lessons and the ability to improve learning through puzzles etc.  We like the idea of letting the child choose the game activity that interests her.  The teachers at Brainy Child Montessori are very patient, accommodating and friendly to the children.  The teachers are what makes Brainy Child a special place.

The experience has been great for her socialization skills, learning to share etc.  We also love that she is being exposed to foreign languages.  Especially for the 3 year old age group, Brainy Child is a great value for the money.  Teacher Pam is wonderful and the kids learn and have fun.

The school is like a big family with small class sizes and the Montessori curriculum is both varied and challenging.  The excellent curriculum and nurturing environment prepare the children for the next stage of their schooling.

The teachers are truly dedicated and we really appreciate the warmth and personalized attention given by the staff.  All the teachers are very professional and we can see that they really love what they do.

Alice is learning so much at Brainy Child.  Her literacy and numeracy skills have improved tremendously.  The school offers an excellent Mandarin Programme and Alice can respond to basic instructions in Mandarin and has impressed us with the Chinese songs she learns in school.

I would recommend the school without hesitations, for its wonderful teachers and great learning environment.  At Brainy Child, children gain a strong learning grounding in a small and safe environment.  We feel that Alice is now prepared for the next stage of her school life and we are very happy that we made the decision to send her to Brainy Child.