Enjoy reading what some of our parents say…

We would like to thank all the Brainy Child Montessori’s staff, and especially the Principal of the school Miss Monica, the teachers Miss Pam, Miss Shailu, Toyoko Sensei and Lin Liao Shi, for the wonderful job they did for our little daughter Ginevra Caterina,

Ginevra Caterina joined the school for 7 months when she was 2 years and half, before we were relocated outside of Singapore. Our daughter attended the half a day classes 2,3 days a week, so not much. Nevertheless she was able to enrich her knowledge in all the different areas the Montessori’s program is developed: from practical life exercises, to mathematics, from language and literacy to art, to social and emotional development to gross motor development, and more.

The school has a very safe and clean environment, the teachers are very prepared and caring, the small ratio teachers/students allows the teachers to know very well the little kids and to work with them on weak points and to build on their strengths. The weekly feedback is a good source of knowledge about the children progress, and the language program with Japanese and Chinese and the widely international environment are really a plus.

Once in our next destination the teachers were extremely surprised about the solid preparation and skills of Ginevra’s, the fact that she could speak English like a native and even say something in Japanese and Chinese!

We are very pleased about the work done at the Brainy Child Montessori, but the happiest one was our little girl!! Every day she was very excited to go to school and this, for us, was the very fulfilling and reassuring.

We are coming back soon to Singapore and we are looking forward to joining the Brainy Child Montessori again.

I am pleased to tell you that Takahito passes the JAPEC grade 2 which is for the children aged between 10 and 14, even though he is only 6 years old.

Your great effort makes it possible to develop Takahito’s English skill and we are happy to keep his English even in Japan. We really appreciate the education which Takahito received at Brainy.

Kohshi Fujioka (born in 17 April, 2005) moved to Singapore in January 2008 due to my job transfer and has been residing here since then. For the first year, he went to EtonHouse International Pre-school (Orchard Boulevard) during the school term and Brainy Child Montessori during the school holidays. In the second year, he fully moved to Brainy Child Montessori to receive their excellent multilingual and multidimensional education. Currently he spends his weekdays from morning till late afternoon at Brainy Child Montessori, mostly using English. The Montessori provides an excellent curriculum based on periodical theme, such as the current “World of Eric Carle” and previous “All around the world” and “Space” which he loved. Various school works are linked with the theme, such as, singing, drawing, reading, crafting, etc, and he enjoys learning the themes in-depth which often surprises me. One day he taught her “how to make a rainbow” by drawing a flashlight, mirror and a water tank. He also taught his mother that “penguins do not live in Arctic”. Although the Montessori uses English as their primary language, they have Mandarin and Japanese lessons every day with the native speakers. Kohshi understands basic Mandarin and is able to sing many Mandarin songs. His Japanese reading/writing is far more advanced than the average, since he has been learning “kanji” at both Mandarin and Japanese classes. Kohshi is also advanced in math. He can count up to 100 and do some simple double-digit addition and subtraction without using fingers. He also enjoys by-weekly field trip and gym time where he enjoys playing and exercising with his peers. He also loves weekly cooking classes and extracurricular piano lessons. He actually helps his mother in preparing meals and entertains her with his little piano. However the most prominent development he has achieved at school were his skills of art. His drawings are very unique and detailed, often using three-dimensional technique which he self-taught. Now his house is decorated by many of his drawings and yet tons of his works are stored in my treasure boxes! Overall he is a healthy, happy and brilliant kid!

I feel Brainy Child’s structured timetable has really helped Maya to become more confident, especially in situations where she is without me. She loves all the teachers, who are able to be so caring, without mollycoddling the children. Maya enjoys everyday at Brainy Child, and although she went to a very good nursery in London, she has previously always shied away from group activities, whereas at Brainy Child, she is very fond of ‘circle time’ and participates fully. I feel the small size of the Montessori is less daunting to her, thus playing a factor in this, which is also another reason why I love this school. I hope to keep her there till she is of Primary 1 age.

ZhiTing has learnt alot in school while having lots of fun.

Riyan seems to be really enjoying herself everytime. She sings songs which she learnt from school everyday at home.

We like the multi-cultural environment that the school provides as it prepares our kids better for interactions with people of different nationalities. My children enjoy the field trips that the school organizes twice a month and its comprehensive curriculum that encompasses Montessori education and enrichment classes like cookery, art, drama, music and Mandarin lessons.

I like the fact that the teachers are firm but kind. They bring a more balanced approach to child-rearing that we as parents sometimes are unable to do.

Kekoa has been going to Brainy Child for about two years now. He started from the weekend program and gradually changed to the daily class. The teachers are really helpful and caring. They made my son loves school.”


Enqi has learnt independence and looks forward to the excursions held every fortnight!